Well I went down to a big crap game, it certainly was against my will
I lost every dog-gone nickel I had but a greenback dollar bill
They boys had a bet laying on the floor, and my buddy's point was nine
The police come in and got all of them, But I got mine.

I got mine, I got mine
I grabbed that money and out the back door I went flyin'
Ever since that big crap game I been living' on chicken and wine
I'm a leader in high society since I got mine.

Now I went down to a turkey feast, and that dinner certainly fine
Fifteen minutes 'fore the table was service, all the boys just fell in line
When they brought them gobblers in, Uncle Joe, how his eyes did shine
Talk about wrestlin' and grabbin', Now I got mine.

I got mine, I got mine
I grabbed that turkey and out the back door, I went flyin'
I tried to make it to a hidin' place, but I didn't get there in time.
Some rascal grabbed me by my coat and I got mine.

Well, I went over to my best gal's house, and the hour was just about nine.
I wasn't dressed up like Henry Ford, but I was feeling' twice as fine.
Caught her sittin' on another fella's lap, I didn't like that sign.
I told that fella what I thought of him, and I got got mine.

I got mine, I got mine
I grabbed my jacket and out the back door I went Flyin'
That rascal grabbed a big shotgun and he used it mighty fine
Talk about a rascal runnin', I got mine.

I know a place, it's over on North Fourth Street
It's the only place on a Saturday night we gamblers care to meet
Some go there for a haircut, and some go there for a scrap
But you see my buddy and me down there, we mean to shoot some crap.

I mean 7 come 11, won't you come come come
If I don't see those 11 dots, I'm done done done
If I see police 'fore he sees me, gonna run run run
I'm a leader in high society, since I got mine.

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