She Smells Like Vanilla
Her Mom´s From Manilla
It Is Dark and You Walk Down the Street
You´re Propped Full of Dope
Feel Like Julian Cope
And You Wanna Go Someplace to Eat

She Talks, You Don´t Listen
Something ´bout Her Sisters
It Is Fall and the Trees Have Turned Red
And You Don´t Like Her Looks
And She Doesn´t Read Books
And Sometimes You Just Wish She Was Dead

You Just Don´t Love Her Anymore
There´s no After, no Before
There Is no Sunshine in a Fog
And Love Is a Place Where Dog Eat Dog

So You Start to Ignore Her
Like All the Girls Before Her
And You Hope She Will Leave By Herself
But You´re Stuck in a Spiral
And Fear Is Your Rival
He Shows Up When You´re By Yourself

So You Worry and Weep
´til You Doze Off to Sleep
And You Dream About Her Face in the Sky
But You Can´t Make a Sound
And You´re Stuck to the Ground
´cause Even in Dreams You Can´t Fly

You Just Don´t Love Her Anymore...

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