Well I work like a dog on the midnight shift
Where I'm a number not a name
So many times I've wanted to quit
And break loose from these chains
But I've got a family waitin' back home
And they all depend on me
For the clothes they wear upon their backs
And the shoes on their feet

I'm an uncommon man that nobody sees
I pay my way every working day no one carries me
My blood sweat and tears are etched upon this land
I'm just an ordinary uncommon man

Mr Congressman Mr Senator I think you oughta know
You can't pretend I don't exist and expect to get my vote
All I want is what is fair I'm not one to complain
If you'll just show me some respect then I'll show you the same

I'm an uncommon man...

My neck may be a little red my collar may be blue
I'll meet anybody half the way but I'm nobody's fool

I'm an uncommon man...
Well I'm just an ordinary uncommon man

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