Ladies tell ‘em, did you bring your best praise
Uhuh you know we did, and it’s all for Jesus’ name
Gentlemen what’s up, did you bring a sacrifice
That’s right you know we did, and it’s all to lift Him high

This moment I’m taking without hesitation
I’m not holding back
There’s no limitation, on how I will praise Him
I’m not holding back

Move out of my way, I am here to lift His name
And bring a sacrifice of praise
For He’s been so good to me

Family say it if God has been good
He’s been so good to us
Gonna praise Him like we should
Whole world hear it the sound of His praise
He has the name above, the name above all names

I’ve gotta say, that my heart’s so full of faith
So I’m praising unashamed, for He’s been so good to me

Come on everybody this is why we party
There is a reason His name is Jesus
Everybody listen we’re giving you permission
To let your praise break out

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