It's a new era, let it begin
It's untold favor, we're walking in
Your word was spoken and we believe
You pour out blessing, we receive it

Oh it's a new day, we're on top of the world
Oh it's a new sound that we're singing out

Everybody celebrate!
'Cause we're living in the greatest days
Lifting up the highest praise
'Cause you're worthy, you're worthy
Blessing that we can't contain
There are miracles we can't explain
Dancing in this joy again
'Cause you're worthy, you're worthy

We're dreaming bigger, we're stretching out
Our faith is rising, the future now
We're moving forward, no turning back
Your plan unfolding, we receive it

Yes! Yes! Lord agree that
Yes! Yes! It's in your heart to bless, bless
Lord we receive it

Yes! Yes! Lord we release it
Yes! Yes! All of your people bless, bless
Lord we believe it

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Written by: Andy Harrison / BJ Pridham / Josh Ham / Joth Hunt · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Douglas
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