All who are thirsty, come and drink the living water
Taste and see, taste and see
There is a river where power flows, healing the city
Miracles, miracles
God is doing something
That we’ve never seen before

Our God is moving
Our God is healing
You can step into the waters and receive
There’s a miracle for all who will believe
God is moving

All who are hungry, drawing near
Come to the table
God is here, God is here
All who are ready, it’s time to go
The water’s rising, overflow, overflow
Water is rising, the water is rising
And I’m stepping into my healing
Ever increasing, it’s ever increasing
So I’m pressing in, God is moving, moving

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Written by: Andy Harrison / BJ Pridham / Israel Houghton / Joth Hunt / Sam Evans · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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