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Doesn't Really Matter

Platinum Blonde

It's been a hard day in the city
It affects you in the most peculiar way
Dull day don't seem pretty
We've said all that there is to say
And if you were to ask me questions
You don't really want to know
Your concern is just for show
Your name's a number, just press a button
Your memories lost but they've not forgotten

They try to break our lust for passion
They try to tell us that it's not in fashion
And if you were' to ask me questions
What are we fighting-for?
We're just breaking down the door

It doesn't really matter
I've been through this all before
It doesn't really matter

They fight in England and Northern Ireland
The police they try to hold us still
They can bleed us and they can feed us
But you know they'll never control our will
And if you were to ask that question
What are we fighting for?
We're just breaking down the door


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