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All american boy with big dreams of glamour life
bright lights and boogie nights
the hype is "Everything could be yours if the price is right"
grab your nothin and hold it tight.
The first chance you get you're heading out to the west
this decision is one you won't regret
move to the place where everybody knows ya'
like Hollywood, Los Angeles Califorina

So you wanna be a superstar
welcome to Hollywood
quick money fly women fast cars
welcome to Hollywood
so you wanna be a superstar
welcome to Hollywood
high times big dreams livin' large
welcome to Hollywood

One way ticket and then you'll live this
life of a superstar caught up in this busniess.
God is my witness you will never change
only been here a day already in the game.
You've change your name; you dont even look the same
now you're on top of the world money power and fame
Picture perfect just like you planned
no longer him cuz' you da man

welcome to Hollywood(x4)

you'll never get the best of me(x12)

The time ticks away you've had your play
sold your soul for the roll now ya gots to pay
forefit intregrity overnight celebrity
settle for selfish gain rather than dignity
another sucka ,why did you trust us played you like a fooleternal hustler
i'm taking everthing and now you know i hate to tell ya but itold ya so

money power and fame

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