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Skillfully tested,rhythmically possesed w/ rhymes
And when it was time,Jah gave me the mic after he blessed it
He said share the loving,Prepare them for the second coming
Beware of the False prophets because the got my people buggin
Put on the full armor,cuz you know these fools they're gunnawanna
Talk behind your back,but stay away from the drama
You know that im gunna keep you safe inside the palm of my hand
Cuz you the man and thats word to your mama
So give it to em..its themselves that they foolin
Got ahead of the game too quick,what they lack is ol' skoolin
You know whos who,whether or not im talkin to your crew
Its up to you to keep it true,nuff repect due

Dem test me crew but dem cant get with this
Dem all the same talkin wickedness(nonsence -2nd time)
Your styles been played and im already sick of it
Them so ridiculous,them so ridiculous

Original rude boy,we bring the styles
Aint heard this in a while,check the stats reveiw my profile
They dime a dozen cant figure out why they all fussin
Known for talkin loud,but they really sayin nothin
With every word you poison my mental concept
Negative be the topic and somebodys gotta stop it
And clear your mind and continue to come alive
And he love,we love ,bring it back,come rewind


To all my peoples that be keepin it real
They know the time and they know the deal
To all my peoples that are down with this crew
We keep it live cuz this one's for you


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