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Intellectual Poetry

Poetic Ammo

I represent intellectual poetry
With guidance on the front of mathematical symmetry
The rhyme is back with facts on weird tracks
I'm cooking up steam cos Moots! is on a warpath
I bring my own brand of funk takin' it to the top
Zappin' all emcees who be stealin' from the vault
Medieval style rhymes through ways of pure fantasy
My sword is drawn if you're seen in my proximity
Watch your back, I'm on my lyrical onslaught
To show the world that I be never gettin' caught
Drop the beatbox we're back up on attack
Stormbringer Point Blanc get up on the track

1,2 1,2 son come on
I bring the hip hop conciousness
Into the mentals of this mainstream prisoners
Divine scriptures unleashed breakin' shackles of ignorance
Challengin' the limits of an emcee's inner tolerance
Unroll the rap scroll prophesise the Stormbringer
Legendary verbal crusader
Righteous benefactor loyal devoted apostle
Pledgin' a covenant for the hip hop culture

I'm about to drop mad vocabo makin hits richer
Goin' all out as I bust rhymes combustion with ammo
Modern day Gestapo takin my place amongst the fathers of fame
Yeah we bout to rumble leavin' y'all crippled

Do you think it's easy being me?
Ain't nobody close enough to be in
You're quick to judge without thinkin'
You put me down, you got no information
First you live my life, initiate conversation
My conscience keep me in check
I'm self righteous clear the set so what the heck!
I play it cool, but you do what you shouldn't do
Now I'm through, you think you know me cos I've seen you? UH!

Clear my path while my brain subtract
Vocal in motion now I'm fully intact
Diabolical hip hop fluid mixes like a chemical
In my blood stream I'm doin' it for the cream
But in between tha dream runs fast I grasp
Microphone bionics reign supreme
Determined to stay on to bring on tha ruckus
Statement Buddha-x is tha toughest

Keep slidin' and riding to the beats that keep on vibin'
Hypnotising the mic that keeps the crowd all mesmerising
Temperatures rising my excitement keeps on climbin'
It's the rhymin' euroasian recognise my station
Under pressure aggressor can it be but no other
Me brother bootie tamer who be down for whatever
Aroused by the way you shake your hips and lick your lips
As your sweat drips you got me workin' on a fix

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