Photo of the artist Polvo

Fractured (Like Chandeliers)


I got the clock face down
I guess I slept all day just so I could be awake right now
I'm flying south with a running start from the roof of my house
You have to see it to believe it
Go get your camera and receive it
Hey I recognize that sky
It's security's friend watching out for a false goodbye
I should have painted all the windows
Disconnect one eye when a wish floats by

We can be frozen like chandeliers
Hang from the ceiling when no one's here

No I don't enjoy this view
It's a fractured flow and sometimes it goes like you
And you cannot erase what it claims
Speaking in riddles not names
The uniqueness of the bleakness
Like a gifted child, I'm lifted
Charmed with a capital "I"
It's a symbol for you, I bet you're not sure exactly why
I make it hard for you, don't I
Will I see two sides from you, or won't I

I can see this lucky iceberg
No expression turning backwards
We can be frozen like chandeliers

It's hard to applaud for these twisted speeches
Disguising a fist from the hand that reaches out
A gesture for me, a gesture for us
But I won't be on this tragic bus ride
Forever and I don't need a lever to lean on
Before I can drop out nice and fast
Remember to laugh, remember the first
Unforgettable carpet ride we had
Don't say it's too bad, cause if there's anything bad
It's sucking the water from our public domain
Only thing you get stuck with a one brief take
When the world isn't safe for you
We try for you
For you

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