Photo of the artist Mary Poppins

Brimstone And Treacle Part 1

Mary Poppins

These children have been spoiled
I've arrived here just in time
By chance I've brought the punishment
That best befits the crime

Brimstone and treacle and cod liver oil
Liberal doses of each
These are the treats from which children recoil
The lessons I'm going to teach

Just follow my model
And don't molly-coddle
It may lead the irksome to irk
So seek satisfaction
From punitive action
Brimestone and treacle will work

Does it taste as bad as it smells?


Do I have to?


Brimstone and treacle and carbolic soap
These are the tools of my trade
With spoonfuls of sugar you don't have a hope
Of seeing that changes are made

Where manners are chronic
My tincture's the tonic
That's certain to wipe off a smirk
Just pour out a ration
In matronly fashion
Brimstone and treacle will work

I won't stand for simpering, whinging and whimpering
Sucking of thumbs is absurd
Observe every letter for children are better
When they can be seen and not heard

Your son will go to boarding school at once. As for the girl, I shall take charge of her myself.

To cosset and pamper
Will hinder and hamper
The child in whom bad habits lurk
First threaten to throttle
Then uncork the bottle
Brimstone and treacle will work
Brimstone and treacle will work

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