Every day of my little life
I think how it will be the last
I'm getting mad just to see
Everything here´s falling apart
All my heroes have gone away
No one else believe in faith
The shadows are the clutches of darkness
I have to go on by myself
And don´t look back
I have to bring my army again
I will not give up
Fight and beat all the enemies
I will not succumb
This is the right time to react
I will die or win
I'm your fucking king now
There's always a light in the end of the tunnel
To the ones who really wanna see
Every truth will erase the lies
Which will never bug again
Since the day I was born
I only believed in myself
Don't want people telling me what to do
I want to do what I want
I'm hard like a steel wall
More violent then a crash
God and devil together
One bullet in the air
Seven lives like a cat
Controlled by hot blood
I have no mercy for anybody
I'm the judge not the guilty
You are my slave
Fell my wrath
Here is your grave

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