Sugars Only Sweetness,
Salt Is Ocean Tears,
And You Were My Only Weakness,
For Years and Years and Years.
You Little Yellow Sweety,
You Were Hiding in a Jar.
Now My Mind Has Gone Completely.
Take Off the Lid and There You Are!

Your My Candy.

Well the Devil She Made Sweet Candy,
Took Six Days and Nights to Dream,
On the Seventh Day She Rested,
Woke Up Early Made Ice Cream.
Now the Devil She Must Be a Dentist,
With Deep Jaw Breaker Eyes,
Red Rope Hair,
Gumdrop Lips,
Cotton Candy Thighs.

Your My Candy.

Now Chocolate Lava Stoned My Body,
And the Aftertaste Stole My Mind,
Left Me Dangling Down Defenseless,
As This Weekend When You Said Goodbye.
Now My Teeth Go On Their Useless,
My Eyes Too Sunk to See,
My Tounge Swoled Up to Half Its Size.
And All I Wanna do Is Eat...

My Candy!
My Candy!
My Candy!
Suckin' On My Candy!

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Written by: Chris Ballew / The Presidents of the United States of America. Isn't this right? Let us know.