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Primer 55

Crossing the line again, it's all fundamental.
Feeling like there's got to be a way to control.
But some people keep to themselves.
And with a little luck it goes away with in time.
Pushing everybody out the way / so get the fuck away
pushing everybody out the way / inside
of me there's a place I keep it's so sentimental,
I create to watch you all from inside.
Take a deep breath because it's time, I gotta let it out.
Let you know, way too much inside.
Impurities the shape and mold you.
You better run, you better open your eyes.
Listen to what the fuck I've gotta say. / What the fuck yousay?
Listen to what the fuck I gotta say / one time.
Self-control I don't wanna indulge you,
so I guess I'll keep taking my time.

this is the life I lead, you're so sentimental
hold my tongue, I gotta keep it inside
but you gotta be so damn sentimental
too sensitive, I gotta keep it inside.

Always ending up at the place that I started.
Running around in circles, fake sense of control
I know that better days are coming,
open the treasures their hidden inside
counting all the lies along the way. Count
1 2 3
count another lie, look it up it's mine.
This monsters almost grown, this angers not my own

(repeat chorus)

(b verse)
so take away my sun
my only means of shelter
I'll try again,
well I'll try harder
chew it up and swallow
push it down inside


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