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Wayward Pilot's Mission

Primitive Radio Gods

Behind the safety glass divider, wayward pilot gliders fate, got sealed
With knowing smiles of campfire girls incest another mysteries revealed
But it's just another ocean of animal emotion behind the wheel
The secret starfish divers and abalone miners' copper field

Hey, hey, when the party's over, I'll come back again

Fear not gentle trader, the hook you used to bait her was unreal
But don't forget what loners that started out as stoners all concealed
At the bottom of the ocean near the power plant explosion, starfish mass
For the final expedition, wayward pilot's mission starts in last

The alphabet we grew up with in a safe in his hands

'Cause he's a man who believes, Billie Jean won't treat until they listen
And understand that there is no master plan
For the graduating class that starts the sweeping in the grass
Pacifiers found with our hateful hands, be raised by the man

Hey, hey, gentle starfish diver, they'll come back again
They'll come back again

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Compuesta por: Chris O\'Connor / Jeff Sparks. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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