All for King George


My country tis of thee sweet land of tyranny and monarchy
A dunce was preordained and he reigned to the best of his ability
Oh... I'm not the enemy, you'll see that it's really true!
There's only one of me but I'm doing more than all of you... and you, and you, and you!!

All for King George you sold everything, truth be told

Hail to the king
of everything
Let truth be told
of the souls you sold
You let the wise, the few
get the best of you
and with a noble lie
all truth's denied

When crisis seized the land, he ruled with an iron fist and a closed mind
The gods of war began to fight leaving absolute chaos behind
So just get inside, and we'll ride that freedom train
Control denied, resist the wrath of Cain! Resist the wrath of Cain!

All for King George we sold everything, truth be told

Hail to the chief
In utter disbelief
we hang our heads
and then we forge ahead
between right and wrong
But the wars are long
and our days are few
Our days are bleak and few

He always lied to you

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