Photo of the artist Procol Harum

Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)

Procol Harum

Though I Know the Night Has Fallen
And the Sun Sailed Out to Sea
I Will Wait Here For the Band to Play
The Trumpet Volunt'ry
With One Foot On the Seashore
And the Other in the Sand
I Will Stand Here Plaiting Daisies
Whilst You Play the Piano-grande

Caprice, Your Bugle Blew Away
The Cobwebs From My Ears
And For Once, I Stood Quite Naked
Ashamed, I Wept the Tears
Which I Tried to Hide Inside
Myself From Me, I Mean From You
But the Shame I Found Too Painful
And the Pain It Only Grew

Magdalene, My Regal Zonophone

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