ajam lives in the steppe . he loves the rolling hills
the warm dry winds . but his wifes love touches
his heart the most . her grace surpasses even
the brightness of the stars . her gentle voice soothes his mind . pure love
then came the sad day . riders raped his wife
he lost his face . the elders decided
that she must go . through tearful eyes
he watched her leave . should I renounce my pride
and follow her into death . he decides and never smiles again
adam lives in a big town . he loves his job
his car and his life - style . but most of all he loves his wife
her endless energy . her beauty her wit and her charm
then came the sad day . her test was positive
he watched her lose her strength . he decides to cancel his job
for the rest of her life . he'll stay by her side
when the end came . he held her hand
and he told her that he . always loved her and always will
I love you too

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Written by: D. Scheuber / Peter Spilles. Isn't this right? Let us know.