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Forgive Me For Asking


Question — this is embarrassing
You ever been scared you had no idea what you were talking about?
Yeah, me too
Honesty perplexed
I've lied and so have you
Like you never had questions?
Like you never had a moment when your inner dialogues
Were all of a sudden in third person like
Are you really buying this?
You're lying

Like your eyes are 100% always satisfied by your spouse
And you don't need accountability
Neither of which is biblical, by the way
Your eyes are never satisfied
Us, overgrown primates with egos
You quote the devil when you declare yourself okay
You get it but you don't get it
Like you've never planted your chuck taylors firmly in the sinking sand
You're lying

We for centuries sing hymns of grace
And this is why it's amazing!
And if it's not, you don't understand
Or you're lying
Which is why your friends don't believe you
There is just as much Jesus' blood on your hand as there is his
You sure you understand the cross?

Forgive me for asking
Forgive me for asking

Muslims — excuse my boldness — but what if you're lying, too?
Like you don't ever have questions?
As if you've never wondered why allah's ears only hear directionally
And if you accidentally pointed slightly north easterly then you've blasphemed?

As if the thought has never crossed your mind
That the jihadists interpreted the quran correctly
And you are what we christians would call lukewarm?
Which makes you much more like my evanjellyfish churchianity would allow me to admit
And you can call me on it; I'll deny it, just don't believe me
Because I'm lying
I strain at gnats, I focus on silliness
I act like God has joined a political party just like you
As if you've never thought
What if I was paralyzed and I can't make my pilgrimage to mecca
Yet I follow the text better than my whole family?
Is there enough mercy for me?

Forgive me for asking
Forgive me for asking

I know it's wrong for me to front like I understand your theology
As well as I think I understand mine
But I know we can agree on this
Something is deathly wrong with us
And you, smarty pants, don't front
Like the little you know about our universe
You ready to draw conclusions about its origins?
Maybe we don't know as much as we think we do
Science still can't explain yawning
Like you never took your world view to its furthest conclusions?
That if human behavior is just what protoplasm does at this temperature
Then there is no need for humanitarian effort
Because these atrocities weren't wrong
It's just the universe weeding out bad genes
Them is fingernail-on-chalkboard words, ain't 'em?
You're lying
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you're right
Maybe we'll find out the day after the world ends
Yeah, I guess we're all a little inconsistent
Maybe we can just show each other some grace

Forgive me for asking
Forgive me for asking
Forgive me for asking

You ever bury yourself in self-righteous guilt?
(Huh, me too)
Are there fresh tally marks on the walls of your brain's prison?
(Mine, too)
Hoping that the count of good deeds outnumber the bad ones?
Are your miserable failures your badges of honor?
And when you count those tallies
And the day the good outnumber the bad
Pat yourself on the back
You have joined the rest of humanity
You, too, are lying
Like you never thought
Someone might catch me in my contradiction
Yeah, me too
You ever think to yourself
I have no idea what I'm talking about?
Yeah, me too

Forgive me for asking
Forgive me for asking

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