Nobody understands how I do feel
Just not complete not finished not real
Got all fingers all hands all toes
Still I have some personal foes

Ten fingers are too much
Same goes for the toes
No need for all those limbs
Amputate 'till I am complete
It's since I was born
I feel so unfinished
Cut off what I don't need
And make me a crippled complete

This desire I can't explain
Amputation under any kind of pain
I know and feel it in my heart
Amputate at least one body part

I wanna live without a hand
Society just do not understand
They give me names they call me sick
But it's a sexual desire and not a tick
Wanna cut off every unimportant part
They think I am wacko and not very smart
Others like children, animals or pain
I swear for amputation that's my favorite game

It is my sexual need
Saw all of 'till I'm complete
A living torso is what I am
So leave me alone goddamn
Take me serious and accept
Total amputation is my concept
Self-multilation to the limit

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