Reminiscing on our indestructible days
The party never seemed to end
We Donkey Punched the night away

Sin after sin 25/7
Some risky business, my friend
Fortune seemed to favor us
round every dark and twisted bend

But you can’t cheat death
Can’t outrun the Grim Reaper

This glass I raise is heavy
Heavy as my heart this day
The Reaper slipped right past us.
Bastard stole your breath away

We raise a heavy glass to you
And our indestructible days
May the heavens call to you.
May Stars align and light your way.

Farewell, dear friend
Farewell, dear brother

Sad and Joyful toast to you
Heavy is my heart this day
Once more unto the breach, dear friend.
Donkey Punch the night away

Farewell, dear friend
Farewell, dear brother

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