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Vivrant Thing


Uh... check it out now..uh..yeah yeah now
Uh..check it out doubt yo..

You sexy thang, a sexy little thang
In the hot mornin admiring your chain
You got a fella's nose wide on the reallas side
I wanna dance real close right up on your thigh
Playin games yo I never cared bout it much
But you the girl that keep her eyes close and smoke a dutch
For real you sucha little pretty gal
You make a nigga front pants hit the mean swell
Whatchu say? I said you stimulate my brain cells,
but there's one thing I really wanna say

Chorus: 2x [Q-Tip]
Such a Vivrant, Vivrant, Vivrant a Vivrant Vivrant

[Missy Elliot]
oww, you won't see new shit tryin to gas so we can do in
boy you ain't shit because I KEEP ALL DOGS TRAINED..
I'LL MAKE YOU SCREAM MY NAME, oh you's a hot boy
Before you talk junk whatchu got boy? If you let me touch up
We'll get up boy let you spot me for a more boy oh we'll get upboy
I like it rough boy ready for too rough take a detour slide rightdown
To my seashores by the way I don't smoke
so if you weed boy you get low score

Chorus: 4x

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo it's such a vivrant vivrant
emaculate things just lookin' magnifacent
different shit why is we talkin' let's get intimate
frontin' like you ain't even fuckin' acting all innocent
WAIT you know you fuckin with the fresh baby when I bunch yourtighty's
crazy the way you chatter make me like a baby
on the matress you caress and lick me like a nestle's baby
woo! You Bring a tingle up a nigga's spine got me teachin' allfunny
while we all fuckin' and spillin' wine, yo ,
I love the way my shorty treat me..
how she be throwin it back the way my shorty freaky
yeah, my shorty whilin' it's a full moon while I'm blowin' itback
with some feelings all up in the room
damn now we fuckin' like we ignorant ladies
you need to get with the vivrant vivrant yo yo
it's such a vivrant vivrant vivrant vive
vivrant vivrant yo yo it's such a vivrant vivrant vivrant vive
yo yo a a yo yo yo yo it's such a vivrant vivrant vivrant vive
vivrant vivrant yo yo it's such a vivrant thing yo yo a vivrant
vive yo yo a a yo

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