Why should i care?
Girls of fifteen
Sexually knowing
The ushers are sniffing

The seats are seductive
Celibate sitting
Pretty girls digging

Prettier women
Magically bored
On a quiet street corner
Free frustration
In our minds and our toes
Quiet stormwater

My generation
Uppers and downers
Either way blood flows
Inside outside. Leave me alone

Inside outside. Nowhere is home
Inside outside, where have i been?
Out of my brain on the five fifteen

On a raft in the quarry
Slowly sinking
On the back of a lorry
Holy hitching
Dreadfully sorry
Apple scrumping
Born in the war
Birthday punching

He man drag
In the glittering ballroom
Greyly outrageous
In my high heel shoes
Tightly undone
They know what they're showing
Sadly ecstatic
That their heros are news

Why should i care?

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