Sometimes I dream of a world without war:
People laughing in the sun…
A world without love ain't no place to live.
Yet I'm still living but the gun…
I'm just another cowboy on the run.

Sometimes the rain gets all in my eyes
Till I can't see the wrongs I've done…
I've got trouble on ahead, the sheriff close behind,
God… I'd love to see the sun.
I'm just another cowboy on the run.

Standing in a window, I don't know what to do.
Hanging in a doorway, I'm trying to pass on through.

Walking on a freeway, I don't know where to go.
I go my way, there's nothing here to do.

I'll try to sail the sea, ride wild and free,
Act as if my time would never come…
Keep on getting higher, set my soul afire,
Baby, when all's been said and done…
I'm just one more cowboy on the run.

Just another cowboy on the run,
Yes, I'm still living by the gun,
I would give the world to see the sun.

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