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Home Alone

R. Kelly

[Featuring Keith Murray]

Keith Murray
It's gonna be a party y'all
Keith Murray rocks wide and universal and most come
Combine with R.Kelly and prove it can be done
Non stopin' Def Squad and Rockland
I here somebody knockin', yo R the party's startin'
Verse 1
Step into the crid with me tonight (what's up baby)
Kelly's in the mood to make it right
Word is gettin' all over town
The party's over here and gettin' down yeah
Hands in the air (get em up y'all), drinks everywhere, party inthe hills
Keepin' it real, guests from out of town, ladies all around
Me and the crew, doin' what we do
Verse 2
Beat is bangin' up and down your spine
And all the single women here are fine
(it's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful thing)
Let your body give into your soul
Release the freak and you will lose control
Girl there's a party goin' on, my temperature's warm
So let me freak you to the floor, while the bass is bumpin'
All night if your body can handle that
Keith Murray
Chillin' at the house on the hill
We gotta' sing my my my like Johnny Gill
Rich girl, poor girl get the same respect
You can all drink for free and call Earl collect
At the moment of truth with burden of proof
We stacks the stuff and spread love like it's used
The lyrical genius with R&B messiah
And the roof, the roof, we sets on fire
But as long as the party is jumping, we ain't concerned
We don't need no water let the motherfuckers burn
ANd everybody knew somebody who was there
With they hands in the air bringing in hte new year, yeah ay yp,come on
Verse 3
Nuggets on the wrist, it's just the shine
'Cause ain't nobody checkin' out the time
Cash and clothes for days to blow your mind
Maybe it's all good so there's tonight
All we want is a party a reason to clecbrate
Now that we got the money we dance the night away
Nothing but the hands up
Chorus (6x)

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