To The Homies We Lost

R. Kelly

[1]-Nigga we done been through a whole lotta shit together, to runnin these streets 2 bein down 4 whateva and now that ur gone i gotta whole lotta shit 2 tell ya.
Things I should a said way back when we was younger, rememba when we used 2 role hand in hand and now in trippin on how i really miss u man and rememba when u and me would say we'd get up out this hood and everything would b ok. Its all good now my nigga we out the hood now we had the sme ideas but not the same carrears we shared the same old laughs but not the same tears . U were my homie my stonie my roadie, my nigga and neva placed no bitch be 4 me, man i swear 2 god I luved u that shit y u hav to get hit. where was i what time was it? u was supposed 2 get older wit me on stage hands on sholders wit me copin them range rovers wit me, sittin on thangs smokin trees and if it wasn't 4 the will that god had maed I'd turn back the hands of time and take yo place sittin here sippin on this Hennessey thinkin about what u ment to me my nigga
Although ur gon u will always b my nigga though u not at home im still missin u my nigga im fellin like the time it was wrong my nigga though u smilin down sayin carry on my nigga sumtimes my nights can get long my nigga sumtimes i feel god did me wrong my nigga, so i had 2 rite a song my nigga, just 2 let u know that ur still my nigga (i wish, i wish i wish i wish i wish i wish)
[2]- ya little son is looki at me like wheres my daddy and ya 13 yr. old daughters med cause he understands promised ya momma id take care of the family but shes so hurt she turns away my helpin hand. Damn i wish yo ass was here my nigga role that grey bed and smoke that cigar my nigga and we would talk about u gettin up out this game and u would tell me how it keeps callin ya name..........we used 2 ride ride ride nava afraid 2 die die die and sumtimes well cry cry cry askin the lord why why why 2 tear down these projects, we were homies 4 like 20 thug years sat in church and cried the same thug tears and u remember when vibe world premered, man we used 2 shere the same old gear and rember when u and me would say we'd get up out this hood and everything would b ok. its all good now my nigga we out the hood now, its so easy for folks 2 say rob just live on when im dyin every second that ur gone neva the less i try my best 2 b strong hopin u said ya prayers b 4 u went on home. We done stood on these blocks and just shoot the breeze we slap boxed in the middle of the street and if a fight broke out u would take up 4 me but all i left (i wish i wish i wish i wish i wish i wish)
[Gottie]- yo dog i cant explain how i miss u we stayed 2gether copin canes popin pistols i miss u most puttin the du-rag over ya bean head, even out the hood only seen u brag comin up off the fenes wit bags runnin up out the cleaners jag u was the closest nigga i had look how we stayed aces, hustled made big faces i wish we could trade places fuck givin u ice id rather give u life and the things that id had id give u twice what the deal my nigga i know u holdin it down if u could c me u would say im talkin soft right now but its hard 4 me 2 say when imma c u again and i know its fucked up i gotta talk throgh this pen but u died 4 the luv of the dough, the luv of the block, 16 u was runnin the spot, boy ya momma used 2 hate how we stood on the curb hangin wit wild thug niggas, smokin the herb imma keep pourin this liquior and thats my word this here is 4 my niggas that b flippin them birds word up

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