Iron Cross – Posthumous


Infernal machinegun fire
Nocturnal winter dire
The stalinorgan plays
A hellish serenade
Human remains lie scattered
All that’s left of my brothers
A darkened sky decends
The hail of steel prevails

Iron cross – posthumous
Hear the sound
Incoming shell
Feel the steel
My fate is sealed
My blood is shed
Christ has fled
Feel the pain
See the stain

God is dead
For whom I bled
Satan’s real
He’ll cut me a deal
I grind my teeth
Get on my feet

A clenched fist of putrid stench
The corpses have ripened nicely
The eerie sound of tanks
Drawing nearer on my flank
Your God isn’t here today
Satan has come to stay
Pick carefully the side
Of which you choose to fight
Iron cross – posthumous

I slip and slide
No way to hide
I run towards
The awaiting hordes
My path is stained
With human remains
Path of entrails
I’m already dead

The honour’s mine
I stood my ground
I didn’t give in
To anything
Valhalla is my destiny
I found my soul
In odin’s hall.

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