Fry my chicken and pour my rum
Wash my crack up and load my gun
Hold me now when I'm feeling low
But don't fuck with my money, no
Spend my cash
Don't ask where it came from
Tell my mother I'm respectable
Wash my clothes and clean my house
Don't say shit, just hold your mouth

Tell'em like it is, yeah
Just tell'em like it is
Just tell'em like it is
Just tell'em like it is yeah

Only speak when you're spoken to
Tell your mother the same
Tell your sister better watch her mouth
Cuz I ain't the one to blame
Keep your hair and your nails looking fine
Don't dress like no hoe
Don't be talking to any other guys
Keep them titties on show

Baby tell'em how it is, yeah
Tell'em like it is
Tell'em like it is
Just tell'em like it is

Where's my chicken and where's my rum?
Where's my rocks and my loaded gun?
Where's my loving when I was low?
You was fucking with my money, yo
You been out on the time with them guys
Dressed up like some hoe
Have to find me another bitch
I can trust with my dough

Just tell'em like it is
Just tell'em like it is, yeah yeah
Yeah, tell'em like it is

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