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Width Of A Line

The Rainmakers

Somehwere under
this moon tonight
my lover is holding
my shadow tight
she doesn't know my face
or know my name
but she hears my melody
all the same
and we move slow
dancing in her dreams

we've glanced on corners
we've passed on stairs
we've nodded on the narrows
to who knows where
crossed our paths
on crowded streets
we've been so close
someday we'll meet
when times are right
and stars align

but 'til then we'll dance

let's dance on the width of a line
where a heart meets heart
mind meets mind
and love's in the air
it could be everywhere
someday we'll walk
let's walk on the edge of the world
our bodies in balance
our dreams endure
where love is the width of a line

is there an ounce of a child
left in her heart
is there one last untamed
untouched part
can I fan those flames
she's so scared of
love her like she's
never been loved?

is there a drop of a dream
I can still believe
can she mend my tear
weave my sleeve
wrap me in
true colors proud
muffle my drum
when it bangs so loud

hear the drummer, let's dance


she's sittin' at home
with her radio on
to that mystery station
that nobody owns
I'm plugged, I'm wired
I'm tuned, I'm hopin'
I'm the wolfman of love and
the lines are open

come on, come on, let's dance


Lyrics by Bob Walkenhorst
© 1994 Bob Walkenhorst Music BMI

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