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Mystery Road

The Rainmakers

I used to go ride
down Mystery Road
roll open my window
turn off my radio
hear voices on the wind
melodies humming low
and hymns wrote themselves
like God only knows

but tonight I opened my window
the only sound that I heard
was the silence of the stars
flapping wings of a night bird

and I realized
it was a song that I knew
I recognized
the sound of me
running from you
I wonder why we want to try
to travel alone
come take a drive
down Mystery Road

there's two stories of life
that contain all the facts
one's told to your face,
the other's told to your back
which one to believe
well that's all up to you
also to decide
which one will come true
is it the one where love
is the pounding of a drum
a lone soldire on a hill
an army of one
is it the one where love
is a peace between two
a harmony


I put my ear to the track
I hear the rhythm of the rails
hear the pounding of the hooves
feel life on the trail
I feel the rain on my face
I hear the thunder's loud peal
hear the bells of Trinity ringing out
over the fields
and I realized
it was a song that I knew

I recognized
the sound of me running to you
we harmonize, no compromise
to live note by note
come take a drive with me
down Mystery Road

Lyrics by Bob Walkenhorst
© 1994 Bob Walkenhorst Music BMI

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