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Fall into a lifelss pattern of sin
Different, different, different

Take part, soulflammable gas
Play your role of uncertain death- watch
I'm havin' neither part nor lot in such path
Measured with allowed steps

So is your role as seems (to me)
Undoomed to fail and unrelieved
How will i know... i deny,
I confess, i've denied

"more carrion for vultures" - they said, an atheist becomes dead...

Ne invoces expellere non passis
(do not call up that you cannot put down...)

What am i feeling when you make me alive in the mo(u)rning
In the crystal caves of falling streams.
Within misty shades of falling (fallen) leaves ?

Evolved a plan, to sell blue skies
Corrupted watcher - mine demise (i know what's price)
Idyllic place, huh, you want some more
Coffin on start, just push the... door
...above... adore!?

My rudeness you will pardon
Nevermind yourself, as you don't care at all
"i am weary of men-sized chimeras"

So is your life as it seems to me
Redoomed to fail unrelieved
How will i know

I give you a day as a gift to burn your lies
A night to strike up again
I am your watcher - your demise

Mors principium est
Death is just the beginning...

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