Baby's Gone Blue

Reba McEntire

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I feel the blues coming on
'Cause I feel you being gone
It's something I wish I could lose
Baby's gone blues

There ain't no sunshine in sight
Cause you're gonna leave me tonight
My heart is sure feeling bruised
Baby's gone blues

Oh-love has gone wrong
It's so hard on my heart going from good into gone
There ain't no easy way back into nights before you
Baby's gone blues
Baby's gone blues

It's like a razor on me
Knowing you want to be free
I'm standing here feeling used
Baby's gone blues

There ain't no dreams coming true
I won't recover from you
There ain't no heartache like you Baby's gone blues

Repeat Chorus

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Composition: Mary Ann Kennedy / Pamela Rose / Pat Bunch · Is this not the composer? Let us know.
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