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We’re all a bunch of brothers
Livin’ in a cool way
Along with six million others
In this place called L.A.

L.A.’s the place sets my mind ablaze
For me its a race through a cotton
Pickin’ maze

The town makes me jump its got a lot
Of bad chicks
Well sure its got some chumps but I still
Get my kicks
My body loves to scrump when I lick
The ripe pick
Like a thump on a thumb poppin’ hump
Hump hump pop out

The action never stops I’m as wild as can be
‘Cause I’m shooting for the top and my
Best friend’s Flea
Oom Chucka Willy knew that balls could pop
But he never met the tree so he never
Bebopped hop out

Antwan the swan from the pretty fish pond
Was a bad mother jumper
You could tell he was strong
He wore a cold paisley jacket
And a hellified ass
And between his legs was a sweat young lass
He threw a hundred women up against the wall
And he swore to fear that he’d love them all
But by the time he got to 99 he had to stop
‘Cause that’s when he thought
That he heard a fop
Night and the night before
I heard a fop outside then I
Came in doors rock out

Now I told you a little
Somethin’ ‘bout the Flea
Something ‘bout the tree
A little something ‘bout me
I can’t leave you hangin’
‘Bout my man Sherm Zee
He swings the ying, he bangs the yang
Now its time to hear him do his thang
You better be burnin’ Sherman

We’re all a bunch of brothers livin’
In a cool way
Along with six million others in this
Place called L.A.
Step out

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Compuesta por: Anthony Kiedis / Flea / Hillel Slovak / Jack Irons / Michael Balzary. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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