Flea fly!
Flea fly flo!
A koom-a-lado koom-a-lado koom-a-lado bee-stay!
Oh, no no no, not to bee-stay!
Eenie-minnie ex-a-minnie ex-a-minnie sol-a-minnie
eenie-minnie ex-a-minnie sol-a-minnie so!
Ah, tweep-a-sopa, eep-a-sopa, eep-a-sopa lilly
and a rom-scom-tom and a time-a-yo
Ah tweep-a-sopa- eep-a-sopa, eep-a-sopa lilly
and a lily-o, lily-o, lily-o blow!

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Written by: Anthony Kiedis / Flea / Hillel Slovak / Jack Irons · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Subtitled by Joemir
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