Crosstown traffic

You jump in front of my car when you,
you know all the time, that a
Ninety mi-les an hour girl is the
speed I drive

You tell me it's al-right,
you don't mind a little pain
You say you just want me to
take you for a drive

You're just like {soc}

Crosstown traffic) so hard to
get through to you
(Crosstown traffic) I don't need to
run over you
(Crosstown traffic) all you do is slow me down and I'm
trying to get to the other side of town {eoc}

I'm not the only soul who's
accused of hit and run
Tyre tracks all across your back I can (heh)
I can see you had your fun

But ah,darlin' can't you see my
signals turn from green to red
and with you I see a traffic jam
straight up ahead

{c: Chorus (twice)}

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