Intro ADN / DNA (feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda)


[Lin-Manuel Miranda]
Residente, the first time we met was in Puerto Rico
Your mother was in the room, she took one look at me and said
Tú tienes que ser nieto de Wisin Miranda
I said: That's right. How did you know that?
She said: ¡Pero nene, tienes la misma cara!
Mira, tu abuelo Wisin y mi mamá eran primos hermanos
You two are cousins

Primo, tú y yo descendimos de Gilberto Concepción de Gracia
Fundador del Partido Independentista de Puerto Rico
Abogado de Pedro Albizu Campos en Nueva York
Nacimos con revolución en las venas
Entre ritmo de bomba y plena
Y estamos conectados en las malas y en las buenas

Now check it

A little blood, a sample of saliva
Send it to the lab and get it back and see them try to declassify a deoxyribonucleic acid just from one fiber
Scientists can separate a strand
Tell you what percentages descendants you long to understand
Send you to lands of oyster and sand
A map of the world in the lines of your hand
And you'll find what you planned isn't quite what you get
You will cry in the rubble with children you met
To remind you to struggle and strive that the trouble with life is that life isn’t done with you yet
And yet, you would make music
Make something new from the rhythms and the fuses of chords beyond the images in the news
If you can produce it your dreams are lucid, then you spit

Keep the horizon siempre pa'l frente
Open our eyes, let your rhymes be the puente
Cambia este mundo profundamente
As our global artists in residence

(Music) (Residente)
(Music) (Residente)
(Music) (Residente)
(Music) (Residente)
(Music) (Residente)
(Music) (Residente)
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