In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: Disgraced


My eyes stay shut
My mouth won't speak anymore
Feel, that's all that I do
Hear, all I have left
I pray, if it helps, in my silence; end my pain please

Crawl into my skin
See into my hell

My heart won't love anymore
It beats the time away
Stop, that's all that I ask
Free my tortured body
Slip gracefully into my death, my salvation

Crawl into my skin
See into my hell (live without a life)
My heart won't give in
Machines keep me here (crawl into my pain)
A shade of myself
A human disgrace
Please let me go

The sound of machines
They talk about me
More pain, needles sting
I slide away
A white light's piercing my skull,
The nurses wipe my drewl
A day passes by
A perfect one to die

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Written by: Floor Jansen / Joost Van Den Broek / Waldemar Sorychta. Isn't this right? Let us know.