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Last Goodbye


How can this be the last time
That you wipe away my tears
When they fall because you say that you
Had enough and we are through

Never thought I'd tell you
That the end has come too soon
cause in my wildest dreams I never see
A life without me loving you

Chorus 1:
Never before
Have you walked out the door
So I can't believe
That I wont have you no more
Why can't you see
What you've been doing to me

Chorus 2:
How can you lie
And make me cry
How can you go
And break my heart tonight
How can this be our last goodbye

Chorus 3:
How can I survive
All the hurt inside
How can I really lose my love tonight
How can this be our last goodbye

Now that you say its over
My heart is wounded knowing it's true
And I can't think of what's in store for me
Being here without you

Chorus 1, 2 and 3

How can you go
And take the best part of me
And still with all this pain and misery
I still want you here with me

Chorus 2 and 3 (2 times)

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