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Rich Prez

Rich Prez
Now when I'm drinkin' the fuckin' tequila I be mackin'
the ho's
And about two times a night, I be smackin' the ho's
Is that how it goes? Baby, shit we up in the club
And now this Portugese chick is startin' to show me
some love
Now check it... baby, we gon' dance
And since I'm smokin' so much dope you got my mind in
a trance
Now I need to tell you girl, I ain't starin' at your
eyes, I be starin' at the bar
Just give me two or three more shots and we be hittin'
the car
Not goin' to far, baby cause I ain't able to drive
I pop in some Maxwell to keep the spirit alive
I tried to concentrat, but everything, it swerves
I think I shouldn't fucked around with Mr. Jose


I'm in the place and I'm kickin' a lyrical solo
So low that you can't get under it, we stay DL like a
Good Life promo
Just like, testing, testing 1, 2, 3
Girl you be, tempting, tempting to the P R E Z
Now tell me, what kind of brother did you think that I
No girl don't try and playa hate me when I'm catchin'
this buzz
Addicted to drugs, baby and that drug is you
What did you think that Richie Prez wouldn't throw a
line at you?
Lets get a drink or two, of Mr. Jose Cuerves
Are you tryin' to get me drunk? Well would I have the
So I hit the shots, and she didn't realize
I was out the door, she's payin' for the drinks and
I'm on I-95


You know this alcohol, it'll make you do crazy things
It'll make you act a fuckin' fool, It'll make you buy
your girl rings
It'll make you a wise man, It'll make you go insane
It'll make you walk ten miles in the pourin' rain
It'll make you high as hell, It'll make you hit the
And if somebody buys you shots it'll make it that much
It'll make you know shit, It'll make you not know
It'll make you light a cigar, and straight feel like a
It'll make you run a red light, It'll make you stop
when it's green
It'll make you act like a friend, It'll make you act
like a fiend
It'll make you poor as hell, but it make you feel like
a king
It makes you look better, and it makes me sing


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