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Are you ready?

Richard Ashcroft

Are you ready
Are you ready for the day
He's gonna come back down to earth,
I hope you're gonna pray

That's you're with us
as we beam him right up,
he's gotta litle place for me, in his lovin cup

Are you ready
Are you ready to see
I out here in babylon,
come out here with me

Are you ready (4x)

Well yes I'm ready
'cos lived a life of sin,
and I heart that us
sinners have gotta chance within

ohh yeah deep inside my soul
ive been prayin theres somewhere else
for me to go
Cmon people,
oohh don't you hear my pain,
I'm out here in Babylon waitin for the day.

Yes I'm ready
oh I'll paint the tonw with blood,
Ive been losin so dam much,
since I'm still
feelin in love

With people
oohh yeah the whole damn human race
I wanna put you in my arms
and give you a love embrace

I'm ready
ohhh aint no freedom train
'Cos where we are headin
there is no thing as pain

Yeas I'm ready ooh ive had a season in hell
and I'm gettim pretty tired down here
oh please break the spell

Oh Jessus,
Sweet Jessus can't you hear
please don't leave us on our own
living here with fear

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Written by: Richard Ashcroft / Robin Gibb. Isn't this right? Let us know.