Woman evil woman child, what you do to me
Devil struck me deaf and dumb and I can hardly see
Every time I see you I go deeper in your spell
Got me in a fever only you can make me well

And there's nothing I can do
But to keep on loving you
Woman child
Evil woman child

Wicked lady soft and shadey girl I'm all on fire
Sweet temptation got my soul and filled me with desire
Every night I turn and fight but sleep would never come
Evil woman got control and you got me on the run

[repeat chorus]

Oh woman can't you feel it deep inside
Oh woman can't you feel it we can fly
Oh woman take me with you make me high
You got the power to break me now
You got the power to make me now
Come on, come on and take me now
Woman child

Woman evil woman child can't you feel my heart
Every time I think of you it tears me all apart
All I see are memories of everything you do
Evil woman set me free and take me there with you

[repeat chorus]

[repeat bridge]

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