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Riddle Jessica

Home is fine
i guess
it's not fun
but it's not dull.
sometimes i feel like my life isn't empty,
but it sure isn't full.
music's neat.
i guess.
it's going,
but it's still here.
and i know what i want and i see it there,
but it's anything but near.
and i know if i gave it my heart that i'll have nothing tofear.


i'm not here
but i'm not gone
i don't accept
but i don't belong
i'm not with
but i'm not alone
i know people
but i'm not well known

i feel ok
i guess
i'm not ashamed
but i'm not proud
and i know what i feel and i want to stand up and scream italoud!
life's alright
i guess
it's not short
but it's not long
i sit around
and i know i should do what's right
and avoid what is wrong
i hope i can make everything ok
but you might hate this song

repeat chorus
maybe i;m strong
maybe i'm colder
i still see the world like a newborn child
maybe i'll understand it better when i'm older
maybe not
maybe not

repeat chorus

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