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Every day, I just pray
Every move I make is right
Where I go, who I know
Will I be alone on a Saturday night?

And I worry
What if I stand out one bit?
I worry
What can I possibly do to fit in?

The perfect, clothes, nose
The perfect, skin, face, all ace

Both my folks total jokes
All they do is chew my ass
(Blah blah blah blah)
They should just be glad I make it to the class

I don't worry
If I blow my SATs
I worry
What can I possibly do

To squeeze in pow
Why not now?
When will I belong
Look where I am, damn
My whole life feels wrong

What if I do?
Snap, holy crap
I'd crawl out of my skin
And so would you
'Cuz life just doesn't begin
Until you're in

God it's rough, staying tough
Wondering what the world will say
Make a plan, be a man
All this frickin crap just gets in the way

I go crazy
Nobody cares what it does to me
And it's crazy
I would go out of my mind

To be in it, in is it
What comes close to that
Until you've been in
You ain't where it's at

Cause when you're out
Well, life is hell
You can never win
There's no doubt
That life just doesn't begin
Until you are

And someday
If I don't stand out one bit
Oh someday
I may be normal enough

To fit in 'cus life just doesn’t begin
Doesn’t begin (doesn’t begin)
Doesn’t begin (doesn’t begin)
Until you’re in

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Written by: Dean Pitchford / Michael Gore. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Lara. Subtitled by Valentina and Milenna. Revised by 4 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.

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