Stay here instead
Just tell me what you'd like to do
We'll talk and we'll laugh
And I'll sing to you

And I promise we won't fight
Don't leave tonight (momma, I'm late)
The boy doesn't care not at all
(He'll be here at eight)
He'll build you up only to watch you fall

You don't know these people
They're not your friends

They're only waiting to tear you in two
(What if they like me?) just like your father
They'll leave when they're through
(They might like me, they'll like me)
You're such a fool

Aren't you aware how people deceive?
They'll take you and break you
And then they will leave you
Carrie, carrie

You are the love I was betrayed for
My pride and my shame, my betty
We're one and the same

(Momma, I love you
I'll always love you)
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go

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