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When A Man Loves A Chicken

Bob Rivers

When a man loves a chicken
He can't keep his mind on nothin' else,
He stay in the barn for the good thing he's found.
If he is henpecked he can't see it; she can't do no wrong.
Road Island Red is his best friend, he can't put her down.

When a man wants a chicken, spends his very last dime
Buying her fresh corn down at the grain and feed.
He'll build a nest for her comfort, and sleep out in the coop
If she said that's the way it's got to be.

Well, this man loves his chicken,
She lays him all the eggs she has.
Tell the farmer there's nothin' going on.
Believe me, she's cluckin' just 'cause she's mine.

When a man loves a chicken, people think that it is wrong.
He shouldn't stick his beak in where it don't belong.
Yes, when a man loves a chicken I know exactly how he feels.
Hey baby, baby, baby I'm your cock-a-doodle-doo.

When a man loves a chicken
I know exactly how he feels.
He'll shack up in the hen house with the good thing he's found.

When a man loves a chicken
People think that he's insane.
But all he can do is wing it for the one he loves.

Yes, this man loves a chicken.
Oh, I know it can't do me no harm.

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Written by: Ben Karlstrom / Bob Rivers / Dennis Amero. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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