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The Performer

Marty Robbins

So quickly time overtakes us
And there's so many things left to do
I've tried to say what I wanted to say
In this song that I've written for you

As I stand here tonight
From the stage I can see
People look back and smile
And my mind quickly flies
To the time that's gone by
And I say every tear's been worthwhile
Some songs I have sung
Hardly pleased anyone
It wasn't cause I never tried
I remember the gloom
Of a cheap little room
Where after a show I have cried
But I thank God above
For sendin' his love
Through people like you I call friends
And it's so good to know
That wherever we go
Some of us might meet again
Life's been worth livin'

So tonight let's pretend
That it never will end
Happiness dosen't last long
And if this night should be
The last night we should meet
Then let's say goodbye with a song

'Cause there's no way to know
When it's our turn to go
Everything's part of life's plan
You have given me love
In return I have love
For every woman and man
Life's been worth livin'

Life's been worth livin'
Worth livin'
Worth livin'

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