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Kimberly Glide

Robert Downey Jr.

Vacation, holiday, strange way to save a family
I sat beside this brother's pride
For the last ride

My lifeline didnt survive
Blind rage set the stage to say
I'll never love again

Kimberly glides
In the arms of cactus angels
Mayan big shots float around
Guess this is her home now
You mistook me for a man who undrstands
Things of godless, heartless, pitiful nature
Hell, i just settled in for the winter

Four five and seveteen
Still struggle with the meaning
It's a straight groove
I'm a man now
Turned out ok, perfect somehow

It's a love-hate in L.A.tely
Wanna glide but in a different way today
Drop to knee, pray deep, hope i meet my

Kimmy decides
She is down for a rare reunion
She jets a path north
Past the pitiful port
Of sandy sunny San Diego

All those years
Out of reach
There's Manhattan Beach now
Ahead on the right now

Holy day
My heart skips, jumps beats
I see a face
Sister God gave me and took away floating
Off my balcony in Del Rey

Good, good God...

Kimmy just smiles
Wants to stay forever
I'd have her but we know that'S just a word
We wish we'd never heard when we're together
Says she must return
To cactus angels

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