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Keep On Walking

Ronan Keating

Seem like I was always running
From someone or something
So scared what life could hold
Didn't even want to know?
Each day I would stand against it
Put up my defences
Wouldn't let nobody inside
Then you walked in my life

Your love is all i know
Never let you go
Baby, with you I choose my road
All my life your the reason why
Baby, with you I walk that road

Now nothing can defeat me
Knowing you complete me
You make me stronger each day
You lead me all the way
Anything you wanna do
I'll be there beside you
As long as you don't leave
My dreams are guarenteed


I'll walk that road
Hand in hand, 'til it's ends
Nothing can stop me now

(Chorus Twice)

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Written by: Patrick Leonard / Ronan Keating / Thicke. Isn't this right? Let us know.