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Brighter Days

Ronan Keating

I've done a lot of living in my life
Chased my share of rainbows in the sky
Before I stopped to ask the question "why?"
I've fallen out of love too many times

But now I see the possibilities
Of how my life could be ... at all

From any other love I'd walk away
Love is temporary I would say
Now each night I find a reason to stay
With you there's always brighter days

I've broken a heart, a part of two
I've let the curtain fall, I guess, it's true
The thought of something borrowed,
Something blue
Was something that I never could pursue

But now you're here
My doubt has disappeared
The clouds are gone, It's clear


"Even on the coolest nights
Even when the sun won't shine
It's sweeter in the morning time
Just knowing that you're there
That you're there"


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